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About Us
We produce ski movies, utilizing the latest camera and editing technology, for the enjoyment of you, your family or group. They are free, and you can view them on this site at no cost.

What We Do
We ski and videotape you, your family or group, including creative dialogue, interviews, and music. If you wish to purchase a DVD or high definition Blu-Ray disc of the production, you can, but there is no obligation.

If you purchase the finished product, in High Definition on a BluRay Disc, it has the clarity, color and sound of the movie theatre. Each producton is created in both Standard and High Definition.

Everyone we meet, would like to see themselves skiing or boarding. There is no cost or obligation to videotaping and they can see their movie on this site for free. Having a high quality video production of you, your family or group skiing or snowboarding, or learning how, will be a treasure, in a viewing format that will always be high quality and last into the future if you decide to purchase a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc of your skiing.



Martin, from Fort Drum, skis at the Veterans No Boundaries weekend at Sunday River.
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Jay and Les Otten ski together at the conclusion of the Veterans No Boundaries 2010 weekend at Sunday River. You can see this great clip and others from Maine Handicapped Skiing on this page:
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Jeremy, Chas, Jay and Rocky from MHS, ski Escapade at Sunday River. Terrific mid-slope collision with the cameraman.
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Al goes POW during the recent snowstorm at Sunday River.
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This is Terry from MHS during Veterans No Boundaries weekend.
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Gramps teaching LeeAnn about the incredible joys of skiing at Sunday River.
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Chris and Jay from MHS ski Jordan Bowl at Sunday River on a Super Day.
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