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Brian began skiing when he was six years old, and met his wife while he was instructing at Mt. Snow in Vermont in 1965. They promised to ski "happily ever after" and eventually began skiing again after seven years and two children.

During his career as a training and organizational consultant, he was responsible for developing and overseeing several small videotape studios that produced training videotapes. His skills began to develop in both taping and editing.

With the recent development of High Definition, small and very portable, video cameras, Brian began a videotaping skiers and snowboarders, young, old, and families. This has turned into a small business of producing very high quality High Definition and Standard Definition Ski movies.

Professional Video camera work and skiing at the same time are a combination of skills that require experience and technology in order to produce professional, high quality results.

With the rapid change in home theatre technology and the fast growth of High Definition televisions and High Definition DVD players, many skiers want to invest in a high quality,Blu-Ray, DVD production of their skiing or snowboarding.

Many skiing parents want to invest now in a High Definition DVD production of their children learning to ski or snowboard, to capture these moments that can be enjoyed well into the future, with theatre quality clarity, color and sound on their home HD televisions.

We are not a high cost production company, but work for the joy of the sport of skiing and snowboarding, and capturing it in quality video productions.